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All the novels in any of my series can stand-alone, as each deals with the resolution
of the romance between the principal hero/heroine. THE ELVEN LORDS series is a
little bit trickier, as there is an overall plot arc that is resolved in book three, and in
order to resolve it, I had to mention the romances of several characters involved
with the scepters. I appreciate that readers are looking forward to these missing
stories, and I hope to do several novelettes dealing with the theft of each of the

In the meantime, I am happy to announce a SHORT novelette based in the world of
includes a bonus short story from the world of the RELICS OF MERLIN titled,

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A short novelette in the fantasy world of BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS
 A short story from the RELICS OF MERLIN series
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On the landless planet of Sea Forest...
Tarov is a skilled dancer, wielding the deadly instruments crafted
from the bones of a sea monster. Henel has stolen Tarov's man in
the past, and now seems intent on not only taking Tarov's place as
lead dancer, but her new lover too. Will Tarov lose everything to
treachery? Or will the magic of Sea Forest help her find happiness?

In a Victorian London where magic has never died...
When Lady Rose Cheevers impulsively casts a spell and brings her
husband back from the grave, she's horrified to discover he's not
the angel she thought. When she seeks out the roguish thief, Mister
Drake Pann, to help rid her of the demon, she discovers a new
passion for love that may have everything to do with
enchantment...or nothing at all.
Praise for Kathryne Kennedy's Writing
"Kennedy's exquisite world-building and terrific plotting make this a must-read for fantasy fans as well as readers who like sizzling
romance...While this tale of danger, suspense, magic, and passion stands firmly on its own, it is the second in Kennedy's thrilling
and distinctive Elven Lords series."
~Diana Tixier Herald/Booklist STARRED review/A BOOKLIST TOP 10
ROMANCE OF 2011 (The Lady of the Storm)

"Fans will adore the satisfying conclusion (after The Lady of the Storm) of Kennedy's Elven Lords romantic fantasy series...The
world sings with vivid imagery and fantastic magic, and all the previous characters join forces in a thrilling final fight for
~Publishers Weekly STARRED review (The Lord of Illusion)

"Kennedy's world-building, featuring an eighteenth-century England ruled by cruel Elven lords facing a rising rebellion of their half-
human offspring, is superb. The hero and heroine are also out of the ordinary, and while this novel remains true to romance-genre
mores, Kennedy infuses it with unexpected plot twists that will keep fantasy readers enthralled, too.
"~Booklist STARRED
review and TOP TEN Romance of 2012 (The Lord of Illusion)

"The third book in The Elven Lords series enhances the author's outstanding reputation for worldbuilding and mesmerizing stories
of love. Superb writing and a fast-moving plot combined with magical passion make this a real page-turner!"
BOOKReviews Top Rating and TOP PICK, 2012 Historical Fantasy Nominee Reviewers' Choice Awards for Best
Books of the Year (The Lord of Illusion)

TOP TEN Bestselling Romance Ebooks for Books on Board and UK Books on Board!
Multiple TOP TEN and NUMBER ONE Bestselling books on Amazon! (Multiple Titles)

A Library Journal Editor's Pick!
(My Unfair Lady)

"This romance goes against type in a wonderful way."
Publishers Weekly STARRED review (My Unfair Lady)

"Kennedy brilliantly and seamlessly lures readers into a realm where magic exists and Merlin's legacy continues."--Kathe Robin,
RT BOOK Reviews, 4.5 Stars TOP PICK, 2009 Historical Paranormal Nominee Reviewers' Choice Awards for Best
Books of the Year (Enchanting the Beast)

The incredible story and high-speed plot will grip the reader on the first page, rendering this book almost impossible to put down.
RT BOOK Reviews, 4.5 Stars TOP PICK, 2013 Historical Fantasy Nominee Reviewers' Choice Awards for Best
Books of the Year (Everlasting Enchantment)

"This enthralling story combines magic and realism as its excellent plot reaches out with great depth of emotion, heart-stopping
action and characters easy to care about wrapped in a passionate love story. "
A K.I.S.S. from RT BOOKReviews/A Knight
In Shining Silver, an unforgettable hero for the month of July. (The Fire Lord’s Lover)

"The latest in Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series features exquisite world building, making this richly imagined adventure appealing
to fantasy fans and romance readers."
--Diana Tixier Herald/Booklist STARRED Review (Everlasting Enchantment)

“Kathryne Kennedy is destined to be one of the sub-genre's superstars."--Midwest Book Review (Beneath the Thirteen

"Fantastical creatures, magical spells, lengthy quests, angst, and passion will satisfy readers looking for a romance plot in a well-
developed fantasy setting."
~Publishers Weekly (The Lady of the Storm)

"Enchanting the Lady, the first book in Kathryne Kennedy's planned historical paranormal series, will cast its own spell over
readers with its fabulously imaginative setting and charmingly original characters."
—Chicago Tribune

"Superb..."~Booklist's 101 Best Romance Novels of the Last TEN Years (The Lady of the Storm & The Lord of
"In Moon Dancer, Ms. Kennedy returns to the erotic, verdant world she
created in her novel Beneath The Thirteen Moons. She is clearly comfortable
returning to this setting as she easily slips the reader into the aquatic planet
whose inhabitants worship the sea and live in massive trees. The result is a
crisply told tale of love, jealousy and betrayal unfolding in a troupe of moon
dancers, skilled performers of a beautiful and potentially deadly art form. Of
course our heroine Tarov gets her man, but will she lose her identity in the
process? Moon Dancer is one part sci-fi thriller, one part love story and one
part Shakespearian drama, all wrapped tightly into a dense yet easy to read
short story."
--David Benz, Edgar-nominated author
Read an excerpt from