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Read the history of the RELICS OF MERLIN:
Sir Sterling Thorn is looking for his missing sister and the magical relic
used to kidnap her.
His first clue is in the compelling personage of Lady
Jasmina Karlyle, a woman who appears to possess two different
personalities. He marries one and then meets the other, and finds himself
falling in love with both women--but they possess a secret that leads them
into the notorious world of the Underground. As they uncover an evil society
of sorcerers called the Brotherhood, will he find his sister and resolve his
heart--or lose everything he loves?

Lady Jasmina Karlyle's simple spell has gone horribly wrong, and now
she has a twin running around London who possesses no morals whatsoever.
Even worse, her twin had the audacity to marry a baronet shape-shifter.
Trying to untangle her ruined reputation has Jasmina working alongside her
new husband, Sir Sterling Thorn. When she finds herself falling in love with
the shape-shifter she is put in the impossible position of being jealous of her
own self. Then Jasmina finds she must discover a way to embrace both sides
of her nature in order to help save her world from the evil plans of the

"Two of the best books I've read in a long time." 5/5 Books~LASR

"A superb fantasy world...of magic, mayhem and fractured love."
Reviewer Top Pick~Night Owl Romance

"Double Enchantment surpassed all my expectations."~Beyond Her
Book--Publishers Weekly

"Double Enchantment fulfilled every desire of why I love to read so
much!" 5/5 Stars~Realms On Our Bookshelves

"...such fun reading that you will keep turning the pages to see what
will happen next." 5/5

"I loved both these books..."~Fresh Fiction

"Double Enchantment is equally as amazing and as well written as the
first Relics of Merlin book." 5/5 Stars~Once Upon A Romance
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Book Two in the Victorian Fantasy world of the RELICS OF MERLIN
Read the first chapter of DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT:
ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-69851