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                       EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT
                    Book Four in the RELICS OF MERLIN series
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Read the history of the RELICS OF MERLIN:
ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-6991-2
Millicent Pantere has lived her entire life in the notorious London
Underground. She cares nothing for the problems of the crown or the
intrigues of society. But the ladies of the realm are acting strangely, and
Millicent is coerced into tracking down the rumors of a mysterious
man--a magic man who comes in the night and disappears at dawn.

Millicent's search leads her to one of Merlin's legendary relics and the
seductive knight whose fate is bound up with it. Centuries ago, Sir
Gareth Solimere made the mistake of seducing the wrong woman, and
he has been trapped ever since by a diabolical curse. He's looking for
the one who can break the enchantment--but in this world of magic and
mayhem, love is always stronger than it seems...

"Book four of the Relics of Merlin Series is a marvelous example of
paranormal/fantasy romance with its real and magical realms, mystical
relics, ghoulish villain and literary characters. Kennedy has created a
wonderfully different but entirely believable world fraught with dangers
and intrigues. The incredible story and high-speed plot will grip the
reader on the first page, rendering this book almost impossible to put
Kathe Robin, RT BOOK Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick!

"Everlasting Enchantment was a fantastic romance. I loved this book!
The magic, the romance, the surprises. It was all perfect. Lovers of
romance, this is a book you definitely need to read."--
Farrah, Imagine
A World, Reviewer Favorite, 5 Roses

"Magic is intriguingly woven into the historical romance, and watching
Millicent gain confidence in herself is heartwarming."--

"The latest in Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series features exquisite world
building, making this richly imagined adventure appealing to fantasy fans
and romance readers."--
Diana Tixier Herald/Booklist STARRED
Read the first chapter of EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT:
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